Manufacturing and Innovative Projects

R-Pharm continues to invest in the development of its manufacturing base.

The company has functional manufacturing facilities in Yaroslavl, specifically a plant for the production of finished dosage forms and a full-cycle plant for manufacturing of MAb-based drugs. Construction of a research and manufacturing complex on API synthesis is now under construction (Rostov, Yaroslavl region). The structure of the company also includes functional manufacturing facilities in Novosibirsk (OAO “Novosibchimpharm”), in Kostroma region (AO “ORTAT”) and a pilot production plant in Moscow region.

R-Pharm manufacturing complexes were designed in compliance with the latest GMP requirements; activities necessary for qualification and validation of rooms, equipment, clean media, production processes were conducted. For the time of the plant operation audits by the following leading global drug manufacturers were performed: Astellas, AstraZeneca, Eli Lilly, Johnson& Johnson, Pfizer, Merck and many others. The key feature of the full cycle biopharmaceutical manufacturing is FlexFactory platform developed by the division of GE Healthcare Life Sciences.

On-site research base has been established, research and development activities in cooperation with the leading Russian and foreign research institutions are being conducted. Agreements on production localization and technology transfer have been concluded, and license agreements with the leading global pharm manufacturing companies have been signed.