R&D Subdivisions

Medical Department

In 2011 in Moscow there was founded Medical Department that deals with all aspects of preclinical and clinical development of drugs as well as their later licensing and it provides scientific assistance to other divisions of the Association.

AO Drugs Technology (Russia)

AO Drugs Technology is an innovative pharmaceutical company affiliated to R-Pharm group. It specializes in the development and production of advanced medicinal products for the treatment of oncological, infectious and other socially significant diseases.

The company has been developing and producing the portfolio of medicinal drugs aimed at import phase-out of expensive foreign original drugs by high-quality domestic equivalents.

At present, the team of Drug Technology carries out the development of domestic drugs based on different innovative delivery systems. It also develops original molecules. These developments are based on the results of long-term studies carried out by the Russian and international research teams. The technologies under development are innovative and in some cases unrivaled throughout the world.

Using the accumulated experience, Drugs Technology fully participates in the execution of the state program “Development of the pharm and medical industry of the Russian Federation until 2020 and beyond”. A number of projects are carried out with direct support of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.

At this stage, the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation recommends a number of innovative drugs for Phase I of clinical studies. A two-year clinical development program was prepared together with clinical research centers. A series of studies were launched in 2014.


R-Pharm Overseas, Inc.

In 2011 in San Diego, USA there was founded a company R-Pharm Overseas, Inc. 

The objective of the company is to supply R-Pharm with advanced R&D technologies, platforms for research and to promote product development strategy on the foreign markets specifically in the USA, Europe and Asia.

In order to fulfill these goals the company invited the top scientists from Califormia, Massachusetts and other states. One of the crucial directions of activities of R-Pharm Overseas is training of skilled scientists and technicians in the USA for the Russian subdivision of the company.

R-Pharm Overseas, Inc. already carries out training programs and holds onsite trainings of talented Russian students and young scientists chosen by R-Pharm experts.

R-Pharm Overseas, Inc. carries out development of advanced molecules with high therapeutic potential; the company develops technologies together with the leading American pharm, biotechnological and venture companies and implement development results.